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The Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn

Posted On: 19 July

aerate your lawn

If you have brown or bare patches in your yard, your lawn may need to aerate your lawn through core aeration. Aerating your lawn is one of the most important things you can do to keep it your lawn healthy and looking great. Aerating your lawn, loosens compacted soil and allows moisture and nutrients to absorb into the soil. So, what is the best time of the year to aerate? Knowing when to aerate depends on three things:
• Your grass types
• The weather conditions for your area
• The Amount of water your grass receives

Grass Type
The first factor to consider is your grass type. Diverse types of grasses have different growing patterns. Some types, like Bermuda and Centipede grass, are known as “warm-season” grasses. That means they grow best in warm weather and go dormant in the winter. Other types of grass, like fine fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, are “cool-season” grasses. They grow best in cooler weather and can go dormant in the summer if it is too hot.
So, when should you aerate warm-season grasses? The best time to aerate is in the early fall, before they go dormant for the winter. By doing this, they have time to recover from the aeration before they go into a period of slower growth. For cool-season grasses, its best time is in the spring, after dormancy but before they start growing.

Weather conditions In Your Area
Now it is time to consider the weather. If you live in an area with moderate winters, you can aerate your lawn any time of year. But if you live in an area with very cold winters, it is really best to wait until spring. This way, the grass has time to recuperate before the weather turns cold again.

The Amount of Water Your Grass Receives
For you to aerate, you need to have enough moisture in the grass for it to recover. So that means you have to consider how much water your grass gets. If you live in an area with much rainfall, you can aerate any time of year. But if you live in an area with little rainfall, it’s best to wait until the rainy season to aerate.

Professional Equipment & Service
Using the right equipment makes aerating the soil faster and more effective. Our crews at A+ Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. have professional core aeration equipment that will provide the needed soil penetration to restore a healthy root system for your lawn. If you’re interested in Lawn Aeration Gastonia NC, talk with a professional and Contact us today!

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