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Land Clearing

Forestry Mulching vs. traditional dozer clearing methods.  Mulching saves you money!  Scott Shehan explains in this informative video.

Sometimes the difference between a prime location and an awful location is enlisting the help of A Plus Lawn Care and Landscaping to handle any and all of your land clearing needs. Land clearing is the process of removing obstacles within a work space to ensure the area is suitable for your next project. These obstacles may range from poplar trees, to stumps, and even thick brush. To guarantee the smooth and quick completion of your project you need to contact A Plus Lawn Care and Landscaping.

Call Scott Shehan for a FREE consultation about our land clearing services. 704-853-1107



Clearing stumps from land site

New modern equipment all us to clear trees and excavate in a more efficient and economical way.

In years past to clear a lot, graders have to bring in a dozer, then an excavator to stump the site and load the trees onto a dump truck and remove the debris to a landfill facility. This dated process used a massive amount of fuel, pollution potential, very heavy machines with steel tracks that cause massive ground disturbance, thus requiring expensive erosion control measures.

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