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Land Excavating

Posted On: 1 August

If you were to walk across an empty lot, it may seem solid for your weight, but it is completely different when it comes to the weight of a building and the equipment required for clearing and building.

When deciding to excavate a certain area of land, the main thing to focus on is the overall weight of the building. A building has a completely different impact on the ground than the human weight does. When starting an excavation project, we are preparing the ground for the weight of a building. The overall land excavation project is very detailed and precise, but A+ Lawn Care & Landscaping can guarantee a smooth and quick completion of your project.

Step 1: Breaking the ground
We must first remove any hazardous objects such as existing structures, trees, shrubs, or even rocks that are on the land in order to prepare for the building project. Although certain parts of the land will be cleared, it does not mean that your building location will be completely empty. A+ Lawn Care & Landscaping can preserve certain geological elements.

Step 2: Preparing the location for construction
The main purpose of land excavation is to prepare the ground to support the construction being built. This can involve moving or adding material, such as different types of soil. Various types of soil can act differently when they are used under construction. We will make sure that the soil used for your project acts as a dependable surface to support the building.

An excavation project is a science that A+ Lawn Care & Landscaping knows very well. It involves precise calculations and movements to adjust the soil on your site to support the building. Proper excavation is also important to create the proper drainage on your land, even more so if the topography has been altered to accommodate the building.

Step 3: The trenching process
We define a trench to be when the excavation’s depth has exceeded its width. Trench excavations are necessary for the placement of important every day functions for the building, such as water pipes and sewage lines.

Land excavation requires multiple steps and is overseen by many professionals. When preparing a ground site for construction, it takes more than just clearing the land. A+ Lawn Care & Landscaping can help you choose a prime location, as well as handle any and all of your land clearing needs. Contact us today to get started on your land clearing project!

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