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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls are a great way to decorate your front or back yard with elevated gardens. Such walls can be made with a variety of material to ensure maximum curb appeal. No matter the size of your yard or garden, retaining walls make a great addition to your home. Designed to hold up soil for elevated gardens, retaining walls make a great tiered look for vibrant garden variety or lawn aesthetic.

Ledge stone walls offer a rough, rustic look that's great for older style or country homes. Limestone looks like quarry stone for a more organized and refined look that still offers natural stonework. Cobblestone, massive blocks designed to look like many, also offer an organized look that maintains a rustic flavor as well. Kingstone offers a textured, colored rustic look of rough stone similar to ledge stone, only without the cobbled-together look.

Bricks and timber make excellent rusting retaining walls as well. No matter the style of your home or the look you seek, the right material is out there to make for a perfect addition to your garden. Whether you're looking to tier your flowers, add shrubs and short trees, or mix and match your gardening desires, retaining walls are the perfect way to add a vibrant look to your lawn or garden. A tiered landscape offers maximum curb appeal and looks great from the porch as well.

Flat lawns and gardens are all well and good, but elevated gardens allow for a much greater variety of growth and plant layouts, Vibrant colors of flowers can be layered and tiered. Shrubs and plants can be mixed about for a splash of green, and the rustic look of the walls is great for extra appeal. Retaining walls are a great way to add that little extra to your lawn or garden.

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