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Tree Care

Tree Care

We now offer full service tree care including tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal & grinding and more.

Tree Trimming

Trees, when well cared for, can enhance a property or landscape's visual appeal, and enrich our lives in many ways. Keeping trees trimmed and healthy is of paramount importance to how they can thrive. We offer Tree Trimming Services, to help you maintain healthy and safe trees in your environment. Keeping a tree well-trimmed really makes a difference to the health and visual appeal of the tree, and keeping it healthy ensures a long tree life.

Tree Cutting & Removal

For times when extreme weather such as storms, wind, or other accidents have damaged your trees, or they have been affected by rot, or other diseases, we can cut branches etc to make your trees safe, and remove trees should they need to be extracted completely.

We can also grind and remove tree stumps, and service the surrounding area to show off your landscape to its best. If you're looking for Tree Care Gastonia then contact us, and we can advise on how we can help.



We also offer Directional Boring...

Directional Boring allows us to pneumatically bore a 3" hole under any walkway/driveway/roadway/etc. The hole size allows for a 2 1/2" pipe to be installed for utilities, irrigation, drainage, etc. Directional Boring offers significant environmental advantages over traditional cut and cover pipeline/utility installations. The technique is routinely used when conventional trenching or excavating is not practical, or when minimal surface disturbance is required.

Contact us for details

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